Stylists Who Offer Versatility

One good thing about being in a major metropolitan market like Dallas is that you often can find stylists who have the skill to offer you more than just one service.  For example, a hair stylist may also be qualified to consult with you on your clothing or makeup or accessories.  Since you are aiming for the perfect look, it helps to have someone skilled in more than one area who can help you integrate as many elements of style as possible so that you don’t get much conflicting advice.

For example Kathy offers haircuts and styling services; but she also helps women with custom designer clothing and swimwear.   Others in town are proficient in helping you choose the right accessories and makeup to go for a specific look, especially if you are changing your style to be more professional, more adventurous, more athletic or other looks you want to get.

Take some time to get to know your stylist and find out if he or she really is accomplished in other areas besides the primary service.  If so, that person may save you some time, money or headache in terms of achieving the look(s) you want for the various events in your life.

Reassurance Adds Carryover To Your Style

One thing which never will go out of “style” is a quiet confidence that everything in your life is going smoothly.  That confidence or reassurance, including any “cushion” you build for yourself, almost always helps make you more magnetic and charismatic.  The quiet, understated confidence is a terrific trait and will help take any “style” you have and add more strength behind it.

There are several areas in which to get your life in balance or “integrity”.  These can range from:

  • getting your finances in order where you have a cushion, monthly residual passive income streams, equity in high-value assets and other indicators of financial confidence
  • getting your health in order –> having your health will complement your style and give those around you a subtle indicator as to why your style should stand out
  • getting your home clean or repaired –> this can range from addressing problems with your plumbing to fixing the garage door to addressing situations with neighbors to getting rid of unwanted items such as old books, clothing, etc.
  • handling internal family or other relationship issues, since problems in these areas can lead to a dour attitude in even the most stylish of people
  • addressing longstanding emotional challenges from the past –> by cleaning those up you will free up more energy and, hopefully, have more confidence which then can boost whatever style you choose
  • achieving more balance in life –> this can range from more quality time with your kids to exercising more regularly to laughing more


Again, this is just a short list of options.  There are many more ways to boost your quiet confidence and reassurance when going through life.  Improvements in these areas hopefully will translate toward more people enjoying your company, complementing your style choices and give you more opportunity to tap into life’s riches.

Improving Confidence To Improve Your Overall Style

If you want to improve your overall “style”, especially in a high-competition city like Dallas or even in the competitive suburbs, then you know that it is tough to differentiate yourself.  Doing so in a manner that earns respect and admiration from others in your world is not an easy task.  What makes this so difficult for many people is that they have several emotional burdens they carry which affect their overall energy.

The lack of energy, lack of confidence, and lack of feeling powerful with an abundance of options in life will permeate one’s attempt at having “style”.  This is because while the outward appearance is relatively easy to change (hair, clothing, car, and body shape), the inner emotions people carry often harbor an “ugly side” which shows itself more often than you might think.  Here are just a few examples:

  • marriage problems lead to a sense of uncertainty, victimization, distrust in others, and many other negative emotions
  • parents with kids who have emotional problems (such as needing help with ADHD or self image and esteem issues) often carry burdens of guilt from poor choices made during pregnancy or when the kids were very young… even if these emotions are not necessarily based on actual actions
  • people going through breakups often find themselves vulnerable which can lead toward a defensive mindset all the time, even to people who have no reason to be considered “threatening”
  • people who are spiteful, jealous, envious of others or who have an over-exaggerated sense of their importance in the world can ruin their attempts at improving “style” by showing a very mean/caustic demeanor
  • narcissistic people can ruin any attempt at their outcome for “style” simply due to sending out awful energy into their environments, often to the very people they are trying to impress with their style efforts

All of these emotional issues, and many others, harm good fashion sense and basic social protocols:  longtime markers of “style”.  It is possible to clean up those emotional issues if a true awareness of themselves can be understood. It is not pretty or easy for these people to as dramatic a “makeover” emotionally as they can with their outward fashion and style.

Nonetheless, it usually is a helpful and long-term beneficial approach.  Yes, it may cost money and time and open up all sorts of emotions long buried away.  By making it through and cleaning up your inner world almost always translates toward an improved energy that people will gravitate toward naturally.  This will allow any “style” you have to be that much more appealing due to people wanting to be in your company, regardless of what you are driving or your fashion sense.  By complementing a great attitude with terrific fashion, you one day can bring out a sense of energy that is healthy, attractive, and makes you unique (differentiates you) from everyone else in your environment.

Posture And Your Style

Stand up straight.

That phrase has been uttered by countless moms around the country for years.  Mom may have been more right than you know, especially when it comes to your style!

While most people think that “style” comes from the outside-in, the reality is that it comes from the inside-out.  Clothes on fashion models that you like are designed to worn by people with good posture.  The problem is that if you have poor posture then you risk not getting the benefit of the clothes on which you spent so much money to acquire.

Oh… and not to mention the health risks too!

Some of the things to help your posture will have to come as directions from your specific medical provider especially if you have had to deal with:

  • scoliosis
  • sway back or lordosis
  • neck problems
  • issues relating from a car accident
  • one leg shorter than another
  • excessive curvature due to computer sitting posture issues
  • etc.

Improvements in these areas LIKELY (no guarantee) will help your overall health issues.  Improved health likely will lead to improved energy which should translate to a better sense of style no matter what you wear.  Yes, even those times you rock the sweatpants will get better feedback from people in public if your energy is at a high level!

Other factors which affect your posture could include:

  • the type and manufacturer of shoes you wear
  • the strength of your spinal erector muscles
  • your back and neck strength
  • balance issues such as those related to your inner ear
  • other medical factors

Obviously, get those addressed first especially if budget is a concern.  Feeling great about yourself and compliments from others on your style is important, especially to differentiate yourself from others in a large city like Dallas.  Nonetheless, you CAN get the same (if not better) reactions from people complimenting you on your energy and overall look if you address health concerns.  Should posture be an issue, you may look you gained an inch (or more) in height and have the clothes you do own likely look better.

More on this in the future.

Carrying Yourself With Confidence

Part of having “style” is the ability to carry yourself with confidence.  No matter what car (or cars!) you drive, no matter how fancy your clothes are, and no matter at which restaurants you eat your overall style won’t be as significant if your confidence is shot.

The subconscious mind is better able to determine if someone is authentic or faking their status.  Remember that quiet confidence is appealing to most people anywhere, including a major city like Dallas.  What this means is that you can improve your “style” without having to buy any new items.  Should you purchase new items for your style, improved confidence will do wonders for how people react to you in the future.

The question becomes, how do you improve your confidence quickly and effectively?

There are several actions you can take:

  • Improving your mind is always a great place to start.   Talking with a licensed counselor may be a helpful place to start the process. Many people who carry their insecurities and issues from the past include:
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • ADHD
    • Divorce or relationship issues
    • Many others
  • You could improve your self confidence by learning various forms of self-defense such as boxing.  Talking with a trainer for boxing, mixed martial arts, self defense or similar safety classes can help you choose which discipline can help you with your goal
  • Talk with your doctor to begin to minimize health issues.  Improved health can translate to self confidence
  • Get in better shape virtually always can help your self-confidence.  This could be yoga, boot camp, weight training, Pilates, or any other number of methods to get in shape
  • Volunteering.  By helping others you often start to negate your insecurities due to the altruistic nature of what you are doing.  Lowered insecurities usually translates into better self-confidence

Again, all of these are suggestions.  What else do you recommend for confidence boosting which, in turn, helps make any attempts at improving your overall style to be more effective?

Helping Your Business Have Style

Most people when talking about “style” in Dallas refer to your personal image.  This can range across any number of topics such as:

  • your clothing
  • your shoes
  • the cars you drive
  • “power” vehicles like speed boats, motorcycles, etc.
  • ability to have multiple “retreats” such as a hunting ranch, country club memberships, etc.
  • accessories like high end watches, jewelry, pens, and money clips
  • sporting goods such as high end tennis and golf gear
  • fragrances
  • etc.

What many people don’t realize is that your business can have its own “style” as well.  This is beyond just having a nice logo.

Your business needs to differentiate itself especially if:

  • you are in a high-competition industry with low barriers to entry in Dallas.  For example, there are over 300 plumbing companies (probably many more) in DFW.  The same is true with high volume business printing companies like those who do high volume business card printing in Denton
  • your industry’s new prospects automatically assume that there is a certain amount of style and higher-end appearance that goes with your niche.  This includes hedge funds, custom suit tailoring, fancy restaurants, and interior decorators
  • the other companies in your industry have their own unique “styles”
  • you need to break away from the others in your industry and your prospective customers/clients have been looking for a business to take the lead in terms of image

There are some fun ways in which you can start this:

  • talk with a print broker about making your business card “pop” and stand out in a way which your prospects and people you meet will like to hold onto that card
  • get your fashion sense looking professional and stylish so that your customers and prospects respect assume that your business is doing well
  • revamp your logo
  • convey a sense of fun and/or passion for your business in your digital presence –> those two sentiments never go out of style
  • invest in something to differentiate your business, especially if you have only 1-2 chances per year to meet your customers and prospects face-to-face such as in a trade show.  Experiential marketing or disruptive marketing can be a viable option (see video below for an example)

What about you? What else would you suggest to improve the “style” of a DFW business?

Professional Style

One of the tougher elements of style in Dallas, or any other major city, is to look professional and stylish without breaking any protocols for one’s industry.  The perception of one’s image, when needed for high-emotion and high-dollar daily interactions with people, can be critical. One doesn’t want to be “flashy” and draw unnecessary attention to one’s wardrobe, yet at the same there has to be a minimum amount of proper attire and related appearance measures to be taken seriously.

To take it to another level, when one is in the public eye and has to be perceived as “tough and smart” at the same time, style is a significant factor.  One such example is a criminal defense attorney and military trial lawyer who has to go into the courtroom with a jury.  Needing to look tough, smart, professional and serious is a requirement before one even opens his/her mouth.  This may conflict with typical high-fashion style magazines or trendy blogs, and it even may fly in the face of regular professional wardrobe and accessories advice.  Nonetheless, the basis for this type of style is needed because of many factors:

  • having to be flexible to deal with criminal issues in front of a jury
  • having to deal in litigation for situations with Federal prosecution, such as in the case of white collar crimes
  • needing to go to military bases and deal with military trials
  • potentially having to go in front of the press, bloggers, video cameras, and other forms of media to make statements defending an accused criminal — this type of pressure on the attorney can make the average person stammer and look “weak”, so a flaw in appearance only can compound the situation especially if the defendant is accused (rightly or wrongly) of a high-emotion list of offenses
  • many other factors

If you have other fashion tips for such situations where toughness, professionalism, and the need to command respect without saying a word is paramount then please contact us with your suggestions.

Helping Your Home Match Your Style

Unlike communities within a few miles of large bodies of water (e.g. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston), Dallas doesn’t have huge amount of people who derive social status from their waterfront views.  While a lake front property is nice to have, it isn’t something craved by all residents and blatantly touted like it is done in other major U.S. cities.

Instead, other measures of social status are rewarded as part of one’s overall “style”.  Some of these are obvious:  the luxury car you drive (or “cars”!), clothing options, accessories like luxury watches or designer eyeglasses, fun toys and where you dine.  Other measures of style include elective surgery, the nightclubs or country clubs you frequent, and if you have additional beautiful ranch property outside of DFW area.

You also could have other property rights such as:

  • a prize horse that you board outside of the city
  • having beautiful antique furniture restored to prime condition after you inherit it or purchase it elsewhere
  • owning rights in an entertainment entity like a pro sports team or theater
  • having shared property rights in something like a private jet or helicopter or oil wells
  • having a sizable trading account where you meet with financial managers in town and network with them

The reasons why these can boost one’s social value (“status”) include:

  • Scarcity – not everyone can have these physical items, property rights, or luxuries
  • Beauty – appealing to a wider range of people based on one’s physical appearance
  • Reduction of pain (physical or emotional) – the ability to remove a hindrance of some form appeals to many, especially if all it takes is money and a minute amount of effort compared to solutions that most others pursue to eliminate the same issue(s)
  • Entertainment – being able to share enjoyable experiences with others that you choose increases the social value/status
  • Recognition – having a unique luxury car will command attention in certain spots around DFW, and it may open up conversations you otherwise would not have had
  • Business and professional – “Like attracts like” so the perception of success opens up the increased possibility of more professional opportunities
  • Escape – if you need to “escape” from the stresses of the city, having these status items (especially property outside of the area) allow you to “get away” for a while to reset and come back stronger.  Not everybody has this option available to them

One other major area not often mentioned is the status and judgement from those who visit your home.  Since Dallas’ residential status is not usually going to factor in waterfront views, then the way to differentiate is your home’s overall style.  There are several magazine articles each year commenting and featuring people’s homes in Dallas in order to showcase their various styles.

Should you wish to make your home a statement about your style and status, there are a few things you can do to transform your home’s status into one which boosts your style:

  • You may have to move locations.  Certain parts of town just don’t have the “style” status no matter what you do with your home.  Find a good real estate agent to help you buy or lease a property in a part of town that meets your needs for work/social reasons plus offers you a chance to have more cache with your home.  Be sure to find a mover who understands what you need in order to preserve the current items you have of value such as antiques, high-end entertainment electronics, art work and similar items
  • From there, talk with an interior decorator or interior designer about what you can do with the home you have.  You would be surprised what options you have available to you to transform an otherwise “bland” (aka “no style”) room into something which helps you express yourself.  Some of the options include custom furniture, window coverings and treatments, unique paint/trim color combinations, upholstery fabrics, rug/carpet styles, and accessories for your kitchen and living room.  Artwork, lighting styles and much more can be included in this discussion as well
  • One thing to remember about having “style”, regardless of how it is defined, is that is presumes cleanliness.  Keep your rugs cleaned, home dusted, bathroom free of visible dirt, and your clothes looking clean at all times.  Why spend all of the money, time and energy to improve your style if you allow it to get dirty?!?
  • Your home’s exterior also plays a role.  Consider at least talking to, if not paying for full service from, someone who specializes in luxury landscaping.  You at least want the same type of advice and guidance as you would get from the interior decorator/designer.  Remember that many more people will see the outside of your home than will see the inside of your home!  This also means fixing issues such as a roof needing replacement, tree trimming, fixing broken gutters, and fixing your fences.  Even though the phrase “curb appeal” tends to be associated with your home’s resale value, it also helps define your style as seen by others.  Having a beautiful exterior to your property keeps the neighbors happy, and those who don’t know you well at least pass along the compliment that you “keep the property looking nice”.  If you help protect their home’s resale value then they may reciprocate and help keep your reputation looking good as your improve your overall style!
  • If you have the room and desire for it, you may wish to improve your home’s style with some form of custom swimming pool remodeling or other modifications.  Doing so will help make your home unique and add to the enjoyment if you like having friends and family over during the late spring and summer.  This also applies to hot tubs, waterfalls, grottos and other swimming pool related structures.  Just remember, like your carpets and bathroom, keep your pool cleaned for both appearance related as well as health related reasons.  The same applies to your pool’s maintenance for pumps, valves, etc.  A beautiful swimming pool, covered in algae, does not make for a pretty pool!

As you can imagine, there are dozens of ways to improve your overall style and status in the Dallas area.  Just remember that each professional serving those areas tends to look at his/her area of interest as the main catalyst to boost your social status.  Very rarely, however, is that the case.  Just by reading this article you can tell that each, in isolation, rarely is the “tipping point” that allows you to break through to a new level of social status, style and acceptance.  Each requires time, money and/or energy to acquire; and many require some form of consistent maintenance – just like exercising and nutrition.

If you are comfortable with pursuing an overall level of improvement in your style then consider starting with the basics.  Get your physical appearance and overall health improved with nutrition, health improvements done under your doctor’s guidance, and appearance-related issues that also affect your health such as fixing your teeth and getting your eyes checked.  Remember that a lean, muscular physique combined with great teeth and eyes that sparkle when you smile often go a long way toward people wanting to get to know you better regardless of the car you drive or the style of watch you wear (if you wear one at all!).

From there, fix what you have to make it look great.  Get your car fixed or traded in for a better car (get a good deal on it if possible), clean your house so it looks presentable and is cleaned for your health purposes, repair any furniture or antiques you want to keep, and get the outside of your home looking great.  Repair and clean any nice clothes you have (formal wear or for social attire), repair any nice shoes (or go shopping for new ones), and get some presentable accessories such as a nice watch or repair old accessories you haven’t worn in a long time.

Also, start spending time in higher end settings.  This can be as simple as having your morning coffee at a high end hotel coffee shop instead of the coffee shop down the street.  Read the higher end Dallas/Fort Worth magazines to find out more about high end events in town.  Get involved with charity functions (please stick with causes that actually motivate you!) and meet donors and organization sponsors; and you may get invited to attend formal charity events.  Get motivated and passionate about something and take an executive to lunch once a month to learn how to think at a higher level.  The invitations that get accepted should help your style in the short-term (being seen with important people), but more importantly the conversations may help you change your thinking to understand broader topics and become more worldly.  That type of transformation may help you become more charismatic and appealing to those you want to know better because you will be that much more interesting.

Hopefully some of these tips help.  If you have helpful suggestions for readers then please feel free to share them for an upcoming post.  Thanks!

Improving Your Style And Health

Following up on yesterday’s post, you can improve your overall “style” by improving your health and aesthetics at the same time.  One way, assuming you have the okay from your medical professional, is to detox your body and clean up problems with your skin – the largest organ in your body.  You can do this with medicine, but an additional avenue is to clean up everything on your face and skin with intelligently-performed skin care such as facials, reducing cellulite, and peels.

One example of this is to talk with any veteran owner and operator of a reputable day spa.  Talk with them to get a better understanding of the human skin, and what can be done with nutrition, supplements and services performed on it (including your face) in order to enhance your overall health and improve your everyday look.  This is regardless of the glasses you wear, clothing style you choose, accessories to complement your clothing, etc.

Makeup, perfumes and other substances which touch your skin shouldn’t until you talk with someone who is an expert on the skin.  Make sure that he or she can help you with your specific situation in order to get the best substances to help you achieve both outcomes:  health and improved looks.

The Eyes Have It

If you are looking to make any improvements on your appearance to improve your overall level of style, there are dozens of ways in which you can start to make changes.  The first course of action is to understand why you want to make improvements.  It could be to attract somebody new into your life of high quality, it could be to improve your professional career, or it could be to gain appreciation from others in terms of your aesthetics.

Most people looking to make changes will talk with friends, read a magazine or even talk to an image consultant.  In a top 10 US population city like Dallas, the need to stand out in terms of style – combined with so much competition – can drive people to do all sorts of weird things!

Assuming that your reasons for wanting to improve are based on healthy, sound logic then it you can never go wrong by actually improving your physical body.  Most people automatically will be sold all sorts of things like:

  • casual clothing
  • formal clothing
  • accessories like shoes, jewelry, watches, etc.
  • cosmetics like makeup and perfume or cologne
  • luxury cars
  • high end housing (condos, mansions, etc.)
  • VIP memberships to “exclusive” social clubs and events

Before you invest your time and money in any of those, consider starting with the basics: your actual body.  Having “style” without any sort of health to back it up is a weak foundation.  Talk with your doctor to get up to date on all medical situations and get that taken care of first.  You need your health, regardless of your style, so deal with the tough situations first and get those addressed.

Next, here is “behind the scenes” conversation from those who sell high-end jewelry, luxury cars, etc.  Even though they gladly will sell you items priced way beyond what the average person can purchase, they always seem to wonder why someone would pay $25,000 for a luxury watch and not spend 1/10th of that to get their teeth fixed.  Tooth/mouth/gum issues can be the origin for lots of disease and other problems, so get those fixed next.

From there, do what you can to get your body in shape.  A great-looking physique – or even just major changes in your physique to becoming leaner AND more muscular (not just a drop in weight) – can attract more compliments than the finest clothing.  It will help your overall health as well so long as you follow your medical professionals’ recommendations regarding your specific situation.

After you get your internal health, your physique, and your teeth improved – all of which are good things to have (!) – then start with the two most easy to change elements of your style:  your hair and your eyes.

Hairstyles are part of the “fun” side of getting your image and style improved, but remember that it is part of a larger picture.  Your eyes on the other hand need two parts to be addressed:  your actual eye health and then the fun ways to make them more attractive.

About your eye health go to a reputable optometrist for all of the eye checkups that you need.  This will likely include an eye exam, vision screening, etc.  Be sure that they give you a full work up.  Remember that your efforts to change your style don’t mean much if you can’t properly see your own improvements in the mirror!

Should you need glasses or a new prescription then you can boost your style by getting some prescription designer eyeglasses and frames.  For example, here are some styles from an optometrist who carries Tom Ford eyeglasses in Highland Park.

People love seeing others who have bright, exciting, captivating eyes.  Talk with your eye doctor about the prescription you need and even if you can get specific contact lenses should your new style require contacts instead of glasses.

While the accessories and clothing sounds so much more fun to discuss, remember that your style can greatly improve – along with your health (!) – if you work on the following first:

  • your internal health
  • your teeth
  • your eyesight
  • your body

Then you can worry about your hair style and your eyeglasses.  Getting all of these in order should help attract more compliments and help you feel better about yourself in many ways.  Then you can go splurge on the fun stuff!